TJ On Liberty

Thomas Jefferson, 1804

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“Some men look at constitution(s) with sanctimonious reverence, and then deem such documents to be like the ‘Israeli Ark of the Covenant‘…too sacred to be touched.”

“As a consequence, they ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment.”

“Laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind.”

“As the collective human mind becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.”

“We might as well require a man or woman to wear still the coat which fit when he or she was a boy or girl, as to require civilized society to remain forever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”

“For I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

-Thomas Jefferson, circa 1804


This article was written after reviewing the re-issuance of ‘The Jefferson Bible’ listed at Harvard Square Library dot org.

Photo courtesy of the ‘Rembrandt Peale Collection’ at Art dot com

Compile’d by: ♑ Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry

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Ladies Wet Tee™ ‘Cannabis Lovers’ Garden Top

Ladies Wet Tee™ 'Cannabis Lovers' Garden Top- green hemp leaf over red heart, pink background

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St Patrick of Wales

St Patricks Day Parade, Dublin Ireland

History Lesson:

St Patrick of Wales was originally born as a Roman citizen and lived his early life as a young Roman heir living on the western coast of Britannia.

Unfortunately for ‘Patrician’, Irish slave raiders would also call the western inlets of Britannia their ‘hunting ground’ and once thus captured as a boy he was sent to the colder hills of Ireland to tend his slavemaster’s sheep.

This same Patrick (Patrician) of Wales after finally escaping back into Gaul (modern day France) did once again return to Ireland in 430 AD as the patron Saint of Christianity for the Irish people.

He converted many Irish from past pagan ways to the new Christian viewpoint of tolerance by infusing Irish history and customs, ways and language, and books and politics into a movement that saved the annals of western society throughout the dark medieval ages.

Compile’d by: ♑ Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry

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Biosynthetic Pathways of Phytocannabinoids

3D rendering of the THC molecule.

Image via Wikipedia

Homework: Shown to the right is a 3-dimensional rendition of a THC molecule.

To create one, follow the plant’s process, and induce production of (THCAS) in the laboratory via reverse transcription.

First, see (1) “geranylpyrophosphate” + (2) “olivetolic acid” in the process [I] “geranylpyrophosphate:olivetolate geranyltransferase” (GOT) yields (3) CBG(V).

Next, by process [II] “CBC(V) synthase”, [III] “THC(V) synthase” or [IV] “CBD(V) synthase” yields (4) “CBC(V)”, or (5) “THC(V)” or (6) “CBD(V)” where R1 (= –C3H7) and R2 (= -C5H11) indicate the propyl and pentyl forms of the different metabolites.

Clik here for a complete analysis

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid synthase (THCAS) Gene Sequence

Here is the NCBI gene sequence for the enzyme Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid Synthase (THCAS)

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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The Preferred Therapeutic Drug of the 19th Century

In India, cannabis ethanol extract (tinctures) were administered to patients with rheumatism, tetanus, rabies, infantile convulsions, cholera and delirium tremens according to well established local medical traditions.

O’Shaughnessy wrote the following observations of his patients after three days of administration.

“Alleviation of pain in most, remarkable increase in appetite in all, unequivocal aphrodisia, and great mental cheerfulness.”

Gradually “Charas” became an accepted drug of therapy during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

What in the infinite wisdom of a bunch of jack boot federal prohibitionists happened to this safe and acceptable form of medical therapy ?

One word…productivity.

Source: O’Shaughnessy in India, circa 1843

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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Deaths by All Things Not Cannabis

Question: Do you have at least (5) ng’s of THC for each (1) mL sample of your blood floating around in your system at this time?

If so, then soon, if passed by the Colorado legislature and signed thereafter by the Governor of Colorado, YOU could be the subject of a misdemeanor charge of “DUI per se”.

In other words, “driving while intoxicated“, even if you are just sitting in your car (as long as that car has access to a private or public thoroughfare).

Interestingly, there is no nanogram (ng) limit for such popular prescription drugs such as ‘Oxycontin‘.

Yet ‘Oxycontin’ is a well known agonist of impaired mobility, much worse than cannabis.

So, to sum… What we have here again are simply more politicians who are deep into the pockets of ‘Big Pharma‘ for their livelihoods.

C=> The ‘Enlightenments’ blog at Do the Math! for a succinct analysis of our nation’s annual death toll by all things much worse than cannabis.

Finally, go ahead and purchase one of our featured ‘Bar-B-Que‘ aprons and help spring “L’homme incarcere” #lhommeincarcere from his Georgia jail cell!

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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Cop DNA By The Numbers

USA Arrests for Possession, Sale or Manufacture of Cannabis Chart
There are trillions of cells with nuclei that make up each human eukaryote body matrix.

In turn, each nuclei carries a full compliment of inherited chromosomes chock full of DNA in the form of nucleotides, or ‘chemical informational letters’ bound in pairs of two along a phosphate-deoxyribose (sugar) twisted, double-helix backbone with rungs or ‘pair-increments’ measuring about one-third of a nano or ‘dwarf’ meter in length X approx. 2.5 nano or ‘dwarf’ meters wide.

A nano or ‘dwarf’ meter is a standard of measurement derived from the common meter (technically the distance traveled by light in a vacuum over 1⁄299,792,458th of a second) that has been cut into a billion pieces.

With over 1.5 billion nucleotide pairs scattered in sequence along the human 46 chromosome rich genome, each rung on the DNA dobule-helix ladder is comprised of one of four possible match ups…Adenine-Thymine, Cytosine-Guanine, Thymine-Adenine or Guanine-Cytosine.

DNA ‘Letters’ can be then be ‘shot-gunned’ and read into various sequences, and then read and re-assembled again using ‘computer overlap’ theory to create an approximate map of the entire human genome.

From this re-assembled genome, certain ‘genes’ can then be inferred to be areas, or loci resident on the long DNA chains that do indeed house the blueprint instructions for cellular manufacture of certain three dimensional proteins from a reservoir of twenty corresponding individual amino acids.

To put these numbers into perspective, only around 400,000 people in the USA have actually tried a dose of unregulated heroin from the ‘black market’ in 2010.

Many more, however, have admitted to trying cocaine (2 million people).

Still by far, the greatest single group of American consumers (28 million) do regularly consume ‘Cannabis‘ in the USA at least on a month-to-month basis.

And, for this ‘crime of passion’, our states and our local, and our federal governments spend an aggregate of approx. $50 billion USD annually or $136 million USD per day, or $5 million USD per hour to try and stop this behavior, to successfully prosecute the perpetrators once in court, to house the ultimate inmates in federal, state and privately run prisons, and to pay their guards and captor’s wages.

Indeed, ‘body-snatching’ in this here United States is ‘big business’.

So, don’t get caught!

Remember, every 42 seconds in America, a citizen is arrested for possession of ‘Cannabis’

And, that’s a lot of ‘canon fodder’!

Why don’t we tailor our laws to reflect the realities of American society, rather than what a few, dry n old ‘dead-as-a-skunk’ Republican lawmakers once concocted?

As Thomas Jefferson once stated “To hold the present generation hostage to the whims and vagaries of the now distant past would be ‘unsanctimonious’

Vote ‘Yes’ on November 4th ‘ FOR ‘ your local ‘Medical Marijuana Initiative’

Let’s return sanity to our criminal justice system in America.

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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Do The Math!

MMI 'Do The Math' Barb-b-que Apron where USA annual Death Toll (k) = 1,000 Deaths per year Tobacco is responsible for 440k Booze is responsible for 100k Scripts is responsible for 20k Heroin Coca Meth is responsible for 15k Caffeine is responsible for 2k Aspirin is responsible for .05k Cannabis is responsible for 0.0k This November 2012 be sure to vote FOR your local Medical Marijuana Initiative.

A ‘Yes’ vote in November gets our nation one step closer to closing the loop on the hypocrisy that plagues her.

Do the Math!

Deaths from all sorts of criminal substances are plaguing the USA today.

Show your support for safe Medical Marijuana Initiatives today by purchasing the MMI Crystal Trichome™ ‘Do The Math‘ Bar-B-Que Apron complete with the current annual statistics on substance abuse deaths in the USA.

Where ‘k’ = 1,000 Deaths per Year in the USA…

Tobacco is responsible for = 440k Deaths per year

Booze is responsible for = 100k Deaths per year

Scripts are responsible for = 20k Deaths per year

Heroin Coca Meth are responsible for = 15k Deaths per year

Caffeine is responsible for = 2k Deaths per year

Aspirin is responsible for = .05k Deaths per year

Cannabis is responsible for ZERO Deaths per year!

‘Do the Math’ and Vote ‘Yes’ for your local ‘Medical Marijuana Initiative’ in November!

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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Hempaz ‘BT’ Trucker Cap

Hempaz 'Bud Trimmer' Cap

Start your day w. the official Medical Marijuana Initiative (MMI)™ ‘Bud Trimmer’ (BT) trucker cap suitable for snipping colas by the thousands!

Designed by Robert Hempaz, Phd. Trichometry™ of Victoria, British Columbia CANADA, the (BT) trucker cap symbolizes the plight of all persecuted Euro-Hebrew nationalists who upon escape arose to prominence in the modern country of Israel led by Professor Raphael to create the first HU-210 synthetic molecular powerhouse at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

The red target circled in black denotes the potential ‘escape target’, the green triangle superimposed over the yellow triangle honors the tireless, ethnic ‘habitual trimmer’ of cannabis colas, as well as the memory of those Euro-Hebrew nationalists who did not escape.

Honor your ancestry and your profession today by purchasing the official Medical Marijuana Initiative (MMI)™ ‘Bud Trimmer’ (BT) Trucker cap now!

Clik to purchase the Medical Marijuana Initiative (MMI)™ ‘Bud Trimmer’ (BT) trucker Cap now!

Available in (green color only)

Robert Hempaz, PhD. Trichometry™

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